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Why you need a Performance Agency, not an Ad Agency

Old school ad agencies make their living on buying media and placing creative. With access to more information faster than ever, that model is no longer relevant. Dealer World's Performance Agency model is built on accountabilities. It is our accountability to increase the amount of conversations your business has with customers. It is your accountability to sell more because of the increase opportunities.Join the growing Dealer World stable of clients and you can expect more:


This 1st way to start a conversation with a customer is the most valuable. A live body that walks on the lot to shop your dealership. We hold ourselves accountable to increasing the numbers of these leads that are in fact the most important KPI there is. #walkinsrock


The 2nd best conversation would be on the phone. We will help increase the number of tracked calls that come in to your dealership. #getthephonesringing

Leads and Emails

The 3rd way to start a conversation with a customer is an e-mailed lead. Organic leads are gold. Our advertising and conversion strategies increase organic leads ( that convert much better ) and allow you to lower the amount and cost of third party leads. #organicleadsarejustbetter


On to #4. Chats are simply a way to convert traffic that visit your site to a lead. We know leads and we know chat. By driving more session to your site and working on the chat conversion funnel we can normally increase this number by close to 50% or more. #letschat


Some people just like to text. So it is the 5th and final way we know how to start a conversation with a client. So we will deploy multiple campaigns and ways for your customers to text with you. Yes, a text is a lead and we will increase this too. #hitmeback


It is hard to really grow leads without more opportunities to convert traffic into leads. So we look at this every month. It is not a way to start the conversation with a customer, but there is no question of its relevance. More traffic to your site and voila- more leads. It is really that simple. Dealer World's Lead Lab team is always optimizing ways to send quality traffic to your site to maximize the lead count and ROI.

There are no other ways to start a conversation with anyone on the planet. The 5 ways we have here are it.

At Dealer World, we jokingly call the office, "The Lead Lab", because our team of experts are instructed by founder, Troy Spring to focus all advertising spend for a client on generating more leads via walk-ins, phone calls, leads, chats and text. After all, more leads = more sales.


A part of every client strategy is the integration of the 4 Pillars of Advertising. We founded the company years ago based off the simple philosophy of these 4 pillars. If you can reach enough people with enough frequency, with hard hitting, lead generating creative at a cost that provides a high ROI, every ad is worth doing.

  • REACH: How many people your ad reaches.
  • FREQUENCY: How often your ad is heard.
  • CREATIVE: Memorable and inspiring.
  • COST: As a flat fee agency, we negotiate to optimize your budget so you can see a high ROI.

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