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Dealer World. Built by a true car guy.

Our Founder and CEO Has been in the car business since he was 18 years old. He's not a newcomer trying to capitalize on the digital explosion. He has overseen dealerships on the retail level as a regional manager for 4 dealerships at once. He has closed over 12,000 actual car deals himself. Troy believes in the simplicity that if you drive enough customers and leads to a qualified team with inventory to sell all the other BS goes away. Being successful in this business is just that easy. So, if you have a great team and inventory to sell, lets us do what we do best for you and drive the traffic you need to grow.We dare you to find another agency with a leader who has the automotive experience Troy does. But fear not, it does not end there. We currently have a total of 4 previous GM's on staff to make sure your communication with your new agency is on your level.


You would not have made it this far into our website if you were not thinking of needing a performance agency. Is your current agency positioning their strategy around your 5 most important conversions? We thought so. Let us set up a demo for you today. You can start seeing results within 30 days!


Connecting all of your marketing efforts and producing conversational conversions is not an easy task, but a necessary one and it is something we employ every day at Dealer World. What your customer sees and hears offline is what they see online, in the mailbox and experience in your dealership.


To utilize an experienced powerhouse team producing in-house awesome creative, strategic advertising and harnessing the 5 conversational conversations that can help your dealership grow. Dealer World is not an advertising agency, we are a performance agency.


Of secret formula is based off the 4 Pillars of Marketing. A part of every client strategy is the integration of reach, creative, frequency and cost. Our team makes sure your advertising budget is allocated to the highest ROI possible. We pride ourselves on being proactive and engaged rather than being reactionary to your market.


Meet our team, the best in the industry. It is a rare find when a group of such talented and creative individuals come together with such expertise and dedication to their craft. The result of this collaboration can be seen month after month in your advertising. Creating online and offline campaigns that help your dealership be more noticed in your market and more traffic seen on your lot.

Troy Spring
Troy is an automotive industry leader who is not only a best-selling author, former General Manager and motivational speaker, but CEO of Dealer World. An automotive performance agency he started in 2009 to encompass all facets of helping dealers like you to succeed. Not only through advertising, but sales training and consulting as well.
Joe Wowk
VP of Offline Media
Joe comes from over 20 years of working as talent and production in Radio and TV at major regional stations. Joe leads an team of Script writers, Radio, TV and Video production experts who know automotive advertising. Media buying and placement are specialties in this group. They strive to get every project on air and on time.
Mark Ferguson
General Manager
Mark is a Senior Performance Manager with over 16 years of automotive retail experience. His role includes reviewing monthly reports, suggesting strategy based off analytics for future months and being your right-hand partner to make sure your advertising is produced, performing and effective. Mark is extremely dialed into the auto industry and knows how to help dealers get more leads.
Brittany Spring
Senior Performance Manager
Brittany is a Senior Performance Manager who not only has a long Automotive and Marketing background but a real power player when it comes to knowing your account. Her role includes reviewing monthly reports, suggesting strategy based off analytics for future months and being your right-hand partner to make sure your advertising is produced, performing and effective.


When you are ready for a company that understands creating customer conversations are more important than conversions, contact Dealer World today!

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