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Automotive Direct Mail

Unlike other media, automotive direct mail is an “active” format. Customers may find you online, but a direct mail piece in their mailbox is a tap on the shoulder that online-only activities do not allow. When done properly, a good automotive mail piece will stand out even in a crowded mailbox, grab customers’ attention, and incite them to act. That is the intrusive nature of direct mail that no other marketing tactic can emulate.Dealer World's team of automotive direct mail marketing experts includes data analysts, graphic designers, production managers, and a management team that includes 4 General Managers with over 100 years combined retail automotive experience. We provide response-focused, results-driven, high-impact direct marketing for the automotive industry.Dealer World can design and implement a campaign that delivers the desired results. From innovative automotive direct mail to the latest in advanced automotive advertising, as well as Staffed & Hosted Events, Dealer World has it all.


Every dealer knows that their database is a key resource. However, many do not fully realize the productive potential of that database. Dealer Worlds Direct Mail department can not only identify consumers who are most likely in an equity position, but we can also identify less obvious service customers and lost opportunities. Once we identify these clients, our direct mail specialists market to them with targeted mail products such as our state of the art Prindeo Interactive Mail. Features like variable imaging and personalized URLs (PURLs) allow the dealerships that work with Dealer World to maximize their ROI.

Special Finance

The subprime market has changed in so many ways over the last 5 years and simply being involved is not enough. Dealer World is quick to adapt to this everchanging market by staying ahead of the curve. When you combine our creative art with our highly accurate and targeted list, our Special Finance mail program is a winner for any dealer. Our Trade In, Trade Up Campaign & our Pre-Qualified Re-Fi Program allow our dealers to reach out to these highly profitable customers and create more opportunities.


We all know that full showrooms mean higher sales. Increased showroom activity creates a sense of excitement that can help generate a high sales volume. Dealer World has a unique combination of hooks, incentives, and gifts that drive traffic on a tight budget. Our saturation mail campaigns are excellent for reaching out to a large quantity of buyers within your market. With prices starting as low as .39 cents per piece they are an incredibly cost-effective means of getting in touch with an expansive audience.

Loan/Lease Termination

Target every lease and/or loan ender in your market. Loan/Lease end lists can be paired with credit scores, percentage of loan remaining, payment months remaining or paid auto loans that have not renewed to dial in and get the best results.

Staffed/Hosted Events

Staffed events are a core component of any successful dealer’s marketing and sales plan. They represent an investment of time and resources beforehand that would be impossible for an active dealership to manage itself. Dealer World takes ownership of all those preparations. We bring the expertise and manpower needed to run a profitable event that serves everyone’s needs — dealer, customer, and individual salesperson alike. We design and target your direct mail advertising, create your marketing materials and prepare your store and lot for event day. Most importantly, the Dealer World team is with you before, during and after the sale to ensure the success of the event. We bring highly skilled and highly motivated sales personnel who seamlessly integrate with your in-house team to put the event in the best position to win. From greeting every customer, to the delivery of each vehicle, Dealer World will partner with you through every aspect of a successful event. No matter what automobile advertising or sales goal you are striving to accomplish, Dealer World can design and implement a campaign that delivers. From innovative automotive direct mail to the latest in advanced automotive advertising technology, Dealer World has it.

What Should I Expect When the Team is at My Store?

  • We arrive at your store the day before your event begins for set up.
  • We meet with you and your staff, offering coaching and best practice.
  • We assist in the set-up, staging, ballooning, etc.
  • We assist at the Desk, with F&I, and with your salespeople.
  • We train your staff on desking techniques to ensure maximum results.
  • Our Team leaders work closely with your sales staff to ensure a successful event with the highest possible ROI.

What Happens After the Sale?

  • A member of our event staff will remain after the sale to tie up all loose ends.
  • Our sales are never complete until you and your staff are fully satisfied.

The Dealer World Formula

We are one vendor who can integrate your Radio, TV, SEO, PPC Management, Social Media, Website performance and Lead generation in a strategic, cohesive marketing plan to make you the envy of all other dealers in your market! We will only help one dealer dominate per territory. You must choose if you are the dealer who claims the territory or if you want to spend years catching up to the store that does.

  • RADIO: Your message on air, on time
  • TV: The right message in the right market
  • DIRECT MAIL: Hitting targeted prospect mailboxes
  • BILLBOARDS and NEWSPAPER: Being seen at the right times
  • WEBSITE OPTIMIZATIONS: Making your website a virtual showroom.
  • SEO & PAID SEARCH: Being found and serving with ads that work!
  • EMAIL: Targeting prospect customers with high success rates.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Our social lead generation a must have tool


See the difference our performance agency can make to your dealership over a traditional advertising agency. We can help you see results in the first 30 days and help you dominate your market!

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