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Hispanic Automotive Marketing

Reach the Fastest Growing Demographic of Car Buyers: Hispanics

Because Dealer World has traditional marketing and digital marketing all under one roof, we have the ability to develop a Hispanic marketing strategy to help you sell more now! We have the insights and marketing tools to reach Hispanic consumers in your local community. Spanish consumers are looking for that family feel in a car dealership and usually the first impression is the marketing message. That is where Dealer World comes into play.

We create the Hispanic messaging that is guaranteed to drive Spanish speaking consumers to your dealership. Our traditional marketing team does the media buys and produces the print, radio and TV spots all in Spanish. Our digital team knows the right digital marketing mediums find and attract Hispanic car shoppers. No matter if you are a Toyota dealer, Nissan dealer, Ford dealer or any other type of deal we offer the following services:

  • Hispanic Direct Mail
  • Hispanic Email Marketing
  • Hispanic Radio Spots
  • Hispanic TV Spots
  • Hispanic Facebook Ads
  • Hispanic Google Adwords
  • BDC Training for Hispanic Customers
  • Plus many other ways to reach Hispanic car buyers!

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