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Our On-Site Services
to Help Your Business Grow

In-store display

In-store display can increase your profits by providing both customer intrigue and a level of modernization to the dealership. You are able to expand your dealership's brand, identity, sales, and service levels to help you stand out in an overcrowded market. Ultimately in-store display enhances the customer experience and plays a large role in increasing sales.

Advertising Consultation

This consultation will dive deep into your current spend, business goals and developing a good strategic plan. Our team can assist you with developing a solid plan, determining your ROI including investigating your media placement, current print contracts and where you can get the most reach. Whether you need help with print, radio, tv, outdoor, or Web, we look at your spend as a whole and after careful analysis come up with a cost effective plan to help you sell more!

Sales Training

After their initial hire when is the last time your sales team had some follow up training? The unique thing about Dealer World is we can look into raising your sales when your advertising is working. With our experienced staff who have run successful dealerships in the past, we can pinpoint where you team may need reinforced training and motivation. We have plenty of options from customer service improvement, to staffed events, phone scripting, how to land that tough sale, how to push pre-owned and more!

BDC Training

Our BDC reps are the best in the auto business. Our reps are highly-skilled and have been trained in-house at the Dealer World office. You can have as many leads in your CRM as you want, but ultimately they need to show up at your dealership. Our BDC training helps improve the overall process, gauge customer interest, and provide customer satisfaction.


Are you looking for a new way to increase leads and be more visible in your community? Dealer World has a new solution for you. It is called Porta-Store. It is a lightweight professional quality tent that is customized with your dealership logo and graphics. Includes 10' tent, 2 chairs, ipad stand, table topper and water cooler. The concept is to draw attention to your booth with a virtual reality test drive of your latest model. This is a real crowd pleaser. The sales person can gain new leads and create awareness of your dealership in malls, community festivals, sporting events, conventions, etc. We can even help with finding events for you to register for. Also great for an outside on the lot attraction. We can also coordinate leave remote radio events, leave behinds, flyers and signage. Click here to view VR experience video example

The Dealer World Formula

We are one vendor who can integrate your Radio, TV, SEO, PPC Management, Social Media, Website performance and Lead generation in a strategic, cohesive marketing plan to make you the envy of all other dealers in your market! We will only help one dealer dominate per territory. You must choose if you are the dealer who claims the territory or if you want to spend years catching up to the store that does.

  • RADIO: Your message on air, on time
  • TV: The right message in the right market
  • DIRECT MAIL: Hitting targeted prospect mailboxes
  • BILLBOARDS and NEWSPAPER: Being seen at the right times
  • WEBSITE OPTIMIZATIONS: Making your website a virtual showroom.
  • SEO & PAID SEARCH: Being found and serving with ads that work!
  • EMAIL: Targeting prospect customers with high success rates.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Our social lead generation a must have tool


See the difference our performance agency can make to your dealership over a traditional advertising agency. We can help you see results in the first 30 days and help you dominate your market!

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